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Cumulative Graphic Design Collections of Angela Gursche

A cumulative collection of creative designs by Angela Gursche will be posted as produced, with client’s permissions. We hope you enjoy Angela’s designs with as much pleasure as was radiated during the creative process.

Angela started drawing at an early age. Rather than playing with her siblings, her mother would often find her off on her own drawing happy flowers and bunny rabbits basking in rays of sunshine with backdrops of snowy mountains. Along with a natural eye for colour, passed down in her genes, Angela loves creating art in a variety of mediums with many bright colours, the more the merrier. It is no wonder that Angela’s journey has brought her to the world of Graphic Design.

Creative Collections

Angela_Gursche_BCIT_Creative_Portfolio_2014_06_13 20 Pgs1

Cover of Cumulative BCIT Portfolio